Happy Healthy You!

Sunbeams, Sacred Streams, and Staying Awake with Actor’s Dreams

Guest: Connie Bowman

“Love takes time” as my acting teacher used to say. He was stealing a line from a song but there’s truth there. Becoming a spiritually mature human can be the work of a lifetime; a lifetime of forgetting and remembering and forgetting again that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Whatever paths our life takes us down, there are lessons to be learned and, at virtually every turn, opportunities to awaken. Humor me as I share some valuable lessons that I have learned from life as an actor with a nod to the faith of my past as a vehicle for remembering. (Spoiler alert: I use the word God in this podcast. Feel free to insert any word that sits well with you and your own spiritual lineage.)

Some questions you might explore for yourself: What is your religious or spiritual background, even going back several generations? Have you experienced similar cycles of remembering and forgetting in your own life? How is looking back on the significant events in your life illuminating for you? In retrospect, do you see God at work? How has the religion of your childhood or your ancestors impacted your view? What could you draw from that stream that might be helpful? What parts of your religion past cause you to bristle? Feel free to share your comments on the Happy Healthy You! Facebook page.

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