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Spirituality, Science, and Stress

Guest: Don Goewey

Don brings his neuroscience background to a new book by Jesuit priest and mystic Anthony DeMello. Listen as Don shares the wisdom from both worlds.


Living with Loss

Guest: Author and Interfaith Minister, Barbara Becker

Heartwood is the central core of the tree. Its sole purpose is to support the rings that grow around it. Barbara Becker wants us to see those we love, and have lost, to be that heartwood. I think you will love her. Perhaps you will start your own conversations about living with the end in mind.


The Pause for Women

Guest: Linda Penkala

2020 is turning out the be the year of the pause. Uninvited though it was, perhaps we can make the most of it by taking the time to make an intentional commitment to our health. Linda Penkala is a wellness expert and the author of The Pause, a book for and about women. This podcast is for you and for the women you love.


Happiness, Mindfulness and the Monk from Across the Pond

Guest: Gelong Thubten

Gelong Thubten is our very first Tibetan monk to grace the podcast with his presence. And what an awesome presence he has! He shares with us some wisdom for navigating these stressful times and creating more peace through mindfulness practices. The author of the new book, A Monk’s Guide to Happiness, Thubten is a thought leader and meditation teacher and a really nice guy too!


Why Worry?

Guest: Kathryn Tristan

As a Research Scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine on the faculty of Washington University School of Medicine, Kathryn Tristan studies our immune system and its diseases. She shares some strategies to to help us focus our minds to overcome worry and anxiety using simple and easy tools of the mind, body, and spirit.

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