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Need to Know: Finding Passion and Purpose

Guest: Tiffany Toombs

How to work with story and archetypes and uproot limiting beliefs that keep us from living our best life, fulfilling our deepest desires and being our most authentic self.


Need to Know: Fathers In Prison

Guest: Abigail Henson, PhD

Fathers in prison affect us all. Open your heart and open your eyes to the personal, familial, and societal cost of incarceration with an amazing young woman.


Food, Fluoride and Not Freaking out: Calm and Confident Parenting

Guest: Alison Mitzner, MD

Family wellness starts with parents, which puts a lot of pressure on moms and dads. From food choices, to fluoride, to not freaking out, here’s some topical, practical advice for for creating happy healthy habits and rolling with the punches of child raising.

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Spring Fever Edition: Weight Loss For Good

Guest: Chef AJ

After losing more than 50 pounds and keeping them off, Chef AJ has a mission to help everyone live healthier and happier through nutrition education. Her passion will inspire you to lose weight and create some new healthy eating habits. Newly inducted into the Vegan Hall of Fame, She’s author of the popular book Unprocessed and more recently The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss.

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Oscar Buzz with Bobby

Guest: Bobby Bowman

My son drops by to share his film favs in preparation for Oscar Night on Feb. 24th. No spoilers in this podcast just some tips for appreciating some of the new award worthy films from 2018!

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